How does a student become a part of First PACE?

First PACE is a highly selective program and does not accept individual applications for participation into the program.

The Director of the Office of Admissions, in collaboration with the Director of Successful Transition and Readiness Programs, reviews the applications of prospective students who do not meet USCA admission requirements. Those students who present test scores, GPAs, and class ranks close to those of regularly admitted USC Aiken students and show the potential to be successful, if provided transitional support, may be offered acceptance into First PACE.

If you have already applied to the university and you are awaiting a response, please direct all provisional admission decision questions to Mr. Andrew Hendrix, Director of Admissions at 803-641-3366.

Once selected to participate in First PACE, a student will receive the First PACE Contract and the program requirement outline. Students should review the contract and requirements and then submit the signed contract by the specified confirmation date (based upon acceptance date and listed on each contract).

If the contract is not postmarked by the required confirmation date, placement in First PACE will not be guaranteed AND the student may lose their offer of provisional admission to the University of South Carolina Aiken. If this occurs, the student will not be able to enroll at the university. Spaces are limited and final acceptance into First PACE is based upon receipt of the First PACE Contract by the specified confirmation date.

If there are any questions regarding the contract or the program requirements, contact Dr. Stacie Williams, Director of Successful Transition and Readiness Programs at (803) 641-3321 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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