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Successful Transition & Readiness Programs

First Generation Students

Welcome to Successful Transition and Readiness (STAR) programs!

We are happy to announce the development of STAR programs specifically designed for first generation college students. The University of South Carolina Aiken is proud to introduce these opportunities to our current and future first generation college students. 

First Generation Students and Professors

Who is a first generation college student? 

At the University of South Carolina Aiken, a first generation college student is a student whose parents or guardians have not completed a two-year or four-year college degree. And, at USC Aiken, a first generation college student is known as an ACE!

It is an exciting opportunity to be the first in your family to complete a college degree! The STAR program staff members and mentors are dedicated to making your experience with our program a success.

How many first generation college students attend USC Aiken?

Approximately, 40% of USC Aiken students are first generation college students.

How can current and future students become involved in STAR First Generation College Student Programs?

  1. Read the ACE Times Newsletter and Get Involved!!
    NOV. 2018 Newsletter
  2. Join the ACE Club!! To sign-up to become a member of the ACE Club and receive information about first-generation college student programming at USC Aiken, click on the button below.

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