Welcome Home

We at the University of South Carolina Aiken honor our veterans, military members, and all their family members for their service to our country, their sacrifices, and their continuing success.  Our creed concerning our veteran and military member family is best characterized by Lincoln’s famous saying

“Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” 

 - Abraham Lincoln

University of South Carolina Aiken is an excellent choice for veteran and military students because

  • We have passion for being a veteran and military student advocate. 
  • USC Aiken is an Official Military Friendly School.
  • USC Aiken has a unique partnership with the Aiken/Augusta Warrior Project.
  • The local community, and local/regional industry solidifies an exemplary education, total veteran advocacy, and career placement/opportunities.
  • USC Aiken focuses on the total veteran/military student. 

The University’s Veteran Student Success Center hosts a professional staff that provides a conduit to benefits, opportunities, networking, and best practices for a successful military to community transition.  Current USC Aiken veteran/military students are an essential element establishing partnerships with incoming students through a veteran-to-veteran connection process.  The University Student Veteran Organization supports our upper level military veteran students mentoring new or incoming veteran students. 

Simply stated, USC Aiken understands the sacrifice of the 1%.

To learn more about our community of veterans, current military members, and military family members check out the About Us page.