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Email and PacerStudent Accounts
Have Already Switched

If you haven't already switched to the new Outlook.com and PacerStudent accounts, you've already lost access to your old email, you can't log into campus computers and you can't connect to wireless.

But...there is still time to setup your new account...


PacerStudent accounts are now required.  You can no longer log into campus computers using your old USCA network account.

What have I lost access to if I haven’t already switched?

  • Campus lab/classroom computers
  • PacerPrint printing
  • J and K-drives
  • Wireless and Impulse
  • Junos VPN for remote access to campus resources
  • Online ICE Events
  • Online Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey
  • Any website whose address ends in usca.edu

What else should I know about the new PacerStudent account?

  • All files from your J-drive have been moved over to the J-drive on your new account.
  • PacerPrint money and credits have been moved over from your old account to the new PacerStudent account.
  • Student Workers may need their supervisors to re-request access for them to office computers, printers and K-drive folders.

How can I switch to my new PacerStudent account?

Setup your new PacerStudent account by following the instructions here: http://web.usca.edu/help-desk/current-students/accounts-and-passwords/switch-to-pacerstudent.dot


Outlook.com is now the email service for all USCA students. The old USCA mail server and old @usca.edu email address went offline June 30th, 2013.

What happened on June 30th?

  • Your old email address and account were shutdown permanently.
  • You stopped being able to receive or send email using your @usca.edu address.
  • Email sent to your old @usca.edu address began bouncing back to the sender as undelivered.
  • Anyone trying to send messages to your old @usca.edu address (creditors, banks, friends, family, prospective employers, etc) stopped being able to reach you and are receiving a bounce bank email that their message was undeliverable.
  • You lost the ability to download a copy of your old email and transfer contacts.

How can I avoid further problems?

  • Setup your new Outlook.com account immediately.
  • Immediately notify all banks, creditors, friends, family, prospective employers, or anyone else who uses an email address to contact you that your email address has changed.
  • Change your email address on your resume, applications, websites, etc.
  • Remove the old account from your phone or other devices and setup the new account in its place.

How can I switch to my new Outlook.com account?

Setup your Outlook.com account by following the instructions here: http://web.usca.edu/help-desk/current-students/email/switch-to-new-email.dot 

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