Pet Policy


While pets and other animals may be a source of enjoyment and companionship to their owners, they can also pose health and safety problems and introduce potential liability to the University and its members. Therefore, pets are not permitted on the University of South Carolina Aiken campus including indoor/ outdoor venues and student housing, except for animals that are specifically exempted under this policy. Any person found to have an unauthorized animal on campus will be asked to remove the animal promptly.

The animals listed below are permitted on campus.  When required by governing ordinances, such animals must wear appropriate tags and be certified, licensed, and/or inoculated.
1. Service animals that are specially trained to aid persons with disabilities. Individuals who employ the service of such an animal shall register the animal with the Department of Disability Services.
2. On-duty police dogs.
3. Laboratory and demonstration animals (including reptiles, mammals, birds, and fish) used directly in support of the University’s mission in teaching and/or research. Such animals are permitted only in those facilities and laboratories specifically designed to house that type of animal.
Other Exemptions
Additional exceptions may be granted on a limited basis if requested in writing and approved by the Chancellor or Executive Vice Chancellor.