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Jeremy Smith
" I am an athlete here at USC Aiken. The professors work well with me, and understand that I am going to miss class occasionally. They take time to explain to me the things I missed. USC Aiken is the place for me. "

- Jeremy Smith , Business Administration major

Students in Class
Did You Know?
USC Aiken has some of the best professional schools in South Carolina. All three - business, nursing, and education - have received the highest level of accreditation possible. This means more opportunities for you to learn from the best and brightest the University has to offer.

Dalisha Williams
"USC Aiken has the best faculty around! Professors and advisors really have your best interest in mind and will always work with you."

- Dalisha Williams, Middle School Education major

Aaron Doctor
"USC Aiken has so much to offer. Whether it’s Greek life, student activities, athletics, honor societies, or residential life, our campus is full of opportunities and ways to become involved."

- Aaron Doctor, Exercise and Sports Science major

John Ellis
"USCA has many different students from many different backgrounds, but one thing that ties us all together is the campus atmosphere. When I left high school I was scared that I was not going to meet anyone that would be as good as my friends back home. Within my first couple of days at USCA, I had more friends than I have ever had before."

- John Ellis, Communications major

TJ Langford
"During the course of my freshman and sophomore years, I was a resident in the Pacer Downs. When I first met my roommate my freshman year, we became the best of friends from the get-go. We found out that we were so much alike in many ways. We connected like brothers, and we are still roommates today during our junior year. "

- Anthony (T.J.) Langford, Communications major

TJ Johnston
"Getting involved in Greek Life and participating in intramural sports is a great way to meet new people. I have participated in every intramural sport offered, and it has helped me stay active. "

- TJ Johnston, Business Marketing major

Chris Brown
"Working on campus is a great opportunity for students at USC Aiken. You have the chance to meet so many faculty and staff members and see what happens behind the scenes here at school. Your job will also work around your class schedule because they always put academics first. "

- Chris Brown, Fine Arts major

Jessica Walters
"Through the wide variety of classes and clubs, USCA offers a little something for everyone. Its small class sizes, charm, and personal professors make it the perfect choice."

- Jessica Walters, Nursing major

Thomas Mcleod
"As a sophomore at USCA, I have really enjoyed the college classroom setting. Since the class sizes aren’t too big, I can always get help from professors anytime I’m in need."

- Thomas Mcleod, Exercise and Sports Science major

Alyssa Gadsden
"Attending USC Aiken has been a great experience for me. From the campus events to classes and to housing, we are a like a family – a home away from home."

- Alyssa Gadsden, Chemistry major

Alesha Jones
"I love attending USC Aiken because I feel as if am in a family oriented environment. What I love most about is its location, the independence you gain from attending, and our Pacer spirit!"

- Alesha Jones, Communications major

Dana Hallat
"I never thought I would meet people from all around the world on such a small campus. You can find the best of both worlds: the advantages of a big campus in a small, friendlier environment."

- Dana Hailat, Biology (pre-dental) major

How to Order a USCA Transcript

Springtime on USCA Campus
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Pacers Basketball
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Chemistry Student
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Students Walking to Class
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The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 requires that all transcript requests be in writing, signed and dated by the person to whom the record belongs.

A transcript form is available in the Records Office, Room 109 of the Penland Administration Building or you may simply send a written request.

The Transcript Request Form is also available on the web. To download the form click here: 
-- Transcript Request Form (.pdf)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print this form.


  • Only complete official USC transcripts for all terms enrolled are issued and will include course work from all USC campuses. USC does not issue unofficial transcripts.

  • An official transcript is issued only at the authorization or written, signed request of the student as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

  • Transcripts will not be processed without required payment. Payment by check, money order or credit card must accompany your request or it will be returned to you. Please make checks and money orders payable to USC. Transcript fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • USC does not fax transcripts.

  • Once a transcript request has been submitted it cannot be cancelled or changed. 

  • Normal transcript processing is 2-3 business days after receiving the request.


  • To request a PDF transcript, you must log in to Self Service Carolina at and select the Student Records tab, then click the "Request Your Electronic PDF Transcript" link. This ordering service is only available if you are currently enrolled or if you attended the University of South Carolina beginning Fall 2007 or after. If you attended beginning Fall 2007 or after and receive an error message while attempting to request your PDF transcript, please contact our office at The University of South Carolina implemented a new student information system and your academic record must be entered on the new student system. **THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE USING SELF SERVICE CAROLINA**

  • Before placing your order, you are responsible for verifying with the recipient that they will accept your transcript as a PDF document. Once an order has been processed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.

  • PDF transcripts are $12.00 per recipient and are e-mailed to the recipient. You are responsible for providing a valid email address. The recipient will have 30 days and fiveopportunities to access and download your transcript after receiving the email. Once expired, the PDF transcript cannot be resent.

  • The University of South Carolina has authorized AVOW Transcript Ordering Services to provide PDF transcripts that are secured by a digital certificate, that ensures that the transcript has been prepared and delivered by the University of South Carolina, Office of the University Registrar and is original and unaltered.

  • Review our Electronic PDF Transcript FAQs before placing an order for your transcript. .


All transcripts (paper and PDF) are $12.00. Complete the Official Transcript Request form. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print this form. 

You may also send a written request (please print) with the following information:

    1. Your Full Name as it appears on your records and any other name(s) used while enrolled.

    2. Your USC Student ID or Last 4 Digits of SSN

    3. First and Last Terms of Enrollment. 

    4. Recipient Address to which your transcript is to be mailed.

    5. Your Return AddressTelephone Number and Email Address

    6. Written Signature and the Date. Your request will not be processed without your signature.

    7. Payment by check or money order made payable to USC or a valid Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. Transcripts will not be processed without required payment included. 

    8. Go here for Instructions for Prepaid Mailing Services. Contact our office for more details.

     Mail to:

        Fax to: 

     Office of the University Registrar OR       (803) 777-6349  
     University of South Carolina      
     1244 Blossom St.       
     Columbia, SC 29208-0001      
    • To avoid duplicate charges, contact our office prior to resubmitting a previously faxed request.

    • To change the name on your academic record, you must present to the University Registrar's Office, a Name Change Request Form and copies of legal documents, which indicate the name change. 



      You may come by our office at 1244 Blossom Street to receive a copy of your transcript or to request that your transcript be released to a third party. You must bring with you:
    1. Photo ID is required.

    2. $12.00 fee per copy by check or money order made payable to USC or a valid Visa, MasterCard or American Express number is required.
    3. Transcripts will not be processed without required payment included.

    Fax machines are available for student use on the USC Aiken campus.  The fax machines are located in the Campus Shop and the Gregg-Graniteville Library.

    Please Note: University policy prohibits issuing transcripts to any student indebted to the University. The issuance of partial transcripts is also strictly prohibited.