USC Aiken - Spring 2017 Orientation

USC Aiken Student Orientation



Orientation programs at USC Aiken are offered to assist new students with the transition to life at USC Aiken. At USC Aiken, our orientation programs are centered on you, the new student. New students accepted for the Spring 2017 semester must attend one of the two Spring 2017 orientation sessions. Throughout the orientation program you will be introduced to faculty, staff, and students and be given an opportunity to begin learning about your opportunities and responsibilities as a student.

All newly accepted students and readmit students will receive packets containing an invitation to orientation programs approximately two weeks after receiving their official acceptance letter. The packet will contain instructions on registering for orientation and other important information.

Fees: Students are not charged a fee to attend an orientation program.


Prior to Attending Orientation

To ensure your orientation goes as smoothly as possible and to avoid any registration holds, please take care to submit all records or documentations in a timely manner.

Be sure the following items are completed and/or submitted before orientation:

Please go to and click on the Newly Admitted Students tab for a complete list for what you need to do to be fully registered as a Pacer.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!