Industrial Process Engineering

The Industrial Process Engineering Program is designed to prepare students to have the technical knowledge and skills in mathematics, science, engineering and management to analyze and solve problems in today’s team oriented business environment.  Through a rigorous curriculum students will be provided multiple opportunities to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and laboratory in real world settings.  Students will be prepared to oversee, develop, enhance, and design processes found in industry relating to people, products, economics, and knowledge.  Students who graduate from the program will have the knowledge of the processes of industry from multiple viewpoints:  mechanical, manufacturing, and business.

Program Objectives

  1. Provide students with the technical knowledge and skills in mathematics, science, and engineering to analyze and solve problems.
  2. Provide engineering students with a strong liberal arts background.
  3. Provide students with practical experience and organizational skills, enabling them to interact and communicate both orally and in writing to others.
  4. Provide students with the skills to work effectively in cross-functional team environments.

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Course Descriptions

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