Tomorrow’s leaders charting courses for success today!

Compass focuses on minority leadership topics and encourages and prepares participants for leadership in other campus organizations and throughout life.

Planned Workshops

  • Individual Goal Setting
  • Cultural Leadership and Responsibility
  • Glass Ceilings
  • Resume Writing / Grad School Preparation
  • Professional Attire
  • Job Shadowing
  • Financial Management
  • Etiquette Dinner Skills

This is a non-credit program, but there are numerous benefits.

The program meets once a week for an hour (meetings will be scheduled in consideration of the accepted persons' schedules) and an end of the year celebration retreat is held as well.

During previous sessions of Compass, students have attended activities on the campus of Winthrop University, visited Charlotte, and the Southeastern African American Students' Leadership Conference in Durham, NC.

Spaces are limited

The Compass Leadership Program Story:

The Compass Leadership Program (Compass) was founded in August 2004 after USCA student, Chauncey Gary, asked the then new director of Multicultural Affairs, Stacie L. Williams, to consider developing a professional skills development program for upperclassmen minority students.

The inaugural class of Compass class was made up of five USCA students who readily agreed to participate in the new experiential program to develop their individual leadership skills. The Fall 2004 cohort members were: Chauncey Gary, Tiffany Mack, NeShawn Mack, Darren Jackson, and DeLesha Johnson. Stacie L. Williams, served as class instructor and program coordinator.

In Fall 2005, Compass expanded into a two level program. Participants who graduated from Compass I, matriculated into Compass II (the senior component of the program).

Fall 2006 marked the third year of the Compass Leadership Program and continued expansion and success. Additionally, a corporate mentoring program with United Parcel Service’s (UPS) Aiken Brokerage management staff was added as a leadership development component of the program.

The Fall 2008 COMPASS program welcomed new mentor additions from the USCA Inclusion Advisory Council and the program's largest COMPASS I cohort of students.

In Fall 2009, Compass expanded again due to the request of COMPASS Leaders. Compass III was developed and introduced becoming the new senior component of the program.

Graduates of the Compass Program include:

FALL 2004

Chauncey Gary, Darren Jackson, De’Lesha Johnson, Tiffany Mack, NeShawn Mack

FALL 2005

Donmnick Gregory, Amy Cook, Chiquitta Robinson, Ashley Baker, Marques Clark, Delia Fox, Carlandra Randolph, Whitney McWhorter.

FALL 2006

Jovita Buckner, Shantivia Boneparte, Desmond Jones,Yashica Evans, Renada Gordon, Anesha Maxwell, Brandy Sullivan, Kayla Wise, Margereta Wright, Larry Wright, Alvina Head

FALL 2007

Jana Chavous, Frederick A. Landy, Terrilyn Nelson, Janessa Smith, Shannon Wood

FALL 2008

Da'Koyoia Bailey, Marcus Billie, Dustin Daniels, Mattie Lisa Davis, Anita Ellison, Desmine Greene, Tiffany Hamilton, Brandon Henry, Whitney Miller, Jasmine Tilley, Latina Turner, Davia Walker, Jamesha Williams

FALL 2009

Darius Adams, Matthew Brown, Horacotrel Brooks, Takisha Burke, Taji Caughman, Abigail Mojica, Destiny Murph

FALL 2010

Aldrick Barr, Chelsea Bratton, Andre Heyward, Tiffany Huggins, Stacee Kingsberry, Chassidy Sistrunk, Brittney Small, Rasheida Snipe

Fall 2012

Amanda Davis, Raheen Linnen, Sheba Ellis, Denzel Pryor, Bianca Gettis, Kaneya Dumas, Ariel Benton, Eurydice Williams, Giselle Outten, Julia Battles