"Don't go through life alone. Learn, lead, and grow through life together."
- AASA Motto

AASA Purpose Statement

We believe that UNITY is an essential element for our success on campus and in the community. We strive to create a welcoming, supportive, and encouraging environment in which members can make new friends, fellowship with members, and share common experiences. We also encourage our members to fellowship with other campus organizations and to work cooperatively with these organizations to achieve common goals. In addition, we seek to develop bonds with people in the Aiken community through various service projects and other activities.

We believe that EDUCATION is another essential element for our success on campus. We stress the importance of striving for academic excellence and encourage our members to make this pursuit a top priority while at USC Aiken. We also provide our members with culturally educational activities and various leadership opportunities to build confidence and positive self-esteem.

In addition to unity and education, we believe it is healthy and affirming to celebrate the diversity that exists within the African American community and the strides that African Americans have made in the campus, local, and national communities. We sponsor various CELEBRATION activities and programs that give our members an outlet for cultural expression, and we cordially invite the campus and local communities to share in these meaningful occasions.