Tuition and Fees

2015-2016 Tuition & Fees

**For a complete breakdown of current Tuition & Fees please click here: Fee Schedule - USC Aiken. (This will include all of the fees for the undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs)**

Net Price Calculator

Application Fee     $45.00

A one-time, non-refundable application fee is required of all students and must accompany the graduate or undergraduate application.


Readmitted Students     $10.00

An application fee of $10.00 is required for readmitted students, senior citizens, and teacher cadets.


International Student Application Fee      $100.00


Matriculation Fee     $85.00

A one-time fee for orientation, assessment, and placement testing or new undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students.

Reinstatement Fee (per occurrence)        $40.00

Active Duty Military                                     $3,243.00

Active Duty Military         per hour              $270.25




  Undergraduate Per Semester  Graduate Per Semester 


Full-Time, Resident

$4,794.00 $6,192.00


Full-Time, Non-resident

$9,591.00 $13,266.00


Part-Time, Resident (per hour)

$399.50 $516.00


Part-Time, Non-resident (per hour)

$799.25 $1,105.50


Part-Time, SC Certified Teacher (per credit), Resident



Part-Time, SC Certified Teacher (per credit), Non-resident



17 hours and above (additional charge per hour), Resident

$80.00 $80.00


17 hours and above (additional charge per hour), Non-resident

$208.00 $170.00



 Technology Fee - Full-time



Technology fee - Part-time(per hour)

$9.00 $9.00


Public Safety (all students, includes parking permit)

$25.00 $25.00


Public Safety (summer, per term)

$8.00 $8.00

Notes: Graduate fees must be paid by graduate students whether the courses taken are graduate or undergraduate.

Students enrolled in courses at another USC campus will be required to pay the tuition and fees of that campus in addition to the USC Aiken tuition and fees for the USC Aiken courses.

Audit fee same as regular tuition.

Senior Citizens:  Legal residents of South Carolina who have attained the age of sixty (60) and meet admission and other standards deemed appropriate by the University may attend classes for credit or non-credit purposes on a space available basis at no tuition.  All other required fees will be charged.



  • Housing


Double Occupancy, per student



Single Occupancy, per student



Double as a Single Room



  • Meals


19 Meals/Week + $125 Declining Balance



15 Meals/Week + $125 Declining Balance



10 Meals/Week + $100 Declining Balance (Freshman not eligible)



$925 Declining Balance



$550 Declining Balance (Juniors and Seniors Only)



Commuter Student- Meal Plan Block 30 (Plus $80 Declining Balance)



Commuter Student-Meal Plan Block 50 (Plus $125 Declining Balance)



Pacer Card (cash alternative, per card)



Carolina Card Fee



  • Other Fees


Bad Check (returned by bank for any reason)


Payment Plan Fee

Official Transcript $12.00


Notes: All students living on campus will be required to purchase a meal plan consisting of either 19, 15, or 10 meals per week.  Other students may choose from Meal Block 30, Meal Block 50, or declining balance.

The total cost of attendance can be estimated with our online Net Price Calculator.