Early Warning

Early Warning Information for Faculty and Teaching Staff  

    What is the Early Warning Process?

  1. An instructor fills out an Early Warning Form and submits it to the Center for Student Achievement online.

  2. The Center for Student Achievement receives the form and then contacts the student via letter or telephone. 

  3. Most students will receive a letter which will indicate the areas where the student is experiencing trouble.  The letter will encourage the student to speak to their instructor, advisor, or someone in the Center for Student Achievement. It may also highlight resources available to the student.

  4. The student's instructor and advisor will receive a copy of the letter. When applicable, the USCA Housing Office will also receive a copy of the letter.

  5. The Center for Student Achievement will attempt to follow up with the instructor and/or student regarding actions and improvements.

  6. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to follow up with anyone receiving a copy of the letter to discuss their situation.