Pacer Career Connection

The University of South Carolina Aiken Career Services team is proud to announce a new and more powerful Pacer Career Connection.  The new system has an exciting new look, more powerful tools, and more ways for you to connect with our alumni and students.  Our new system is powered by Purple Briefcase, a cutting-edge career network used by many universities throughout the country.

The new system will require a simple re-registry process, basically creating a new password.  Over the next few days you will be getting an invitation directly from  Purple Briefcase that will prompt this re-registry.  Please note, we have pulled most of your information from the previous system, College Central Network, so re-registering should take a minimal amount of time.

This new system has been significantly updated from our old Pacer Career Connection. The new system features a much more modern interface and has many features that should make it easier for our students to be notified of your opportunities and apply to them in an increasingly mobile world. 

The biggest new feature you will notice is your ability to create a visual profile for your company.  This profile will be searchable by our students and is a great way to tell USC Aiken students about your company and the attributes that make your company an attractive place to work.

Here are three highlights you will notice as you begin to use the new Pacer Career Connection:


New Interface: The new interface is more engaging and has more straightforward functions such as posting jobs/internships, searching for students, requesting On Campus Interviewing and RSVP’ing to other events.



Company Profile: Show students more about your company! Choose from attributes like work environment, benefits plans, and corporate culture. A company profile gives students a better understanding of a company than a simple logo or company description would. Students can also “favorite” your company.  This way when you post a job, they are automatically notified. 



Search Students:   Students can create a visual profile that outlines work history, academic accolades, and extracurricular info.  It even includes a link to their resume! This visual profile is a new and unique way to get to know our talent. If you would like to explore student profiles, connect with our Career Services Team for more information. 

Disclaimer: While the USC Aiken Office of Career Services provides services to students and alumni, it is not responsible for any representations or guarantees with regard to job postings, nor is it responsible for wages, work conditions, safety or other work-related issues that may arise after placement with an employer. Furthermore it is the obligation of the applicant/employee to seek information and legal representation if they feel they are being discriminated against or mistreated in the workplace.